Media Plus Performance

Heather Ging, Pam Royle and Associates provide:

● Corporate Media Training for appearances in television, radio and the press.
● Broadcaster Presenter Training, both practical and technical, for all genres of programme.
● Management for writers and broadcast professionals.
● Organisation of conferences and awards events
● Arts publicity for media outlets
● Voice Training

Pam Royle
Pam Royle is an experienced news, current affairs, features and lifestyle presenter whose work has taken her to several countries worldwide.
She is also a skilled voice and presentation trainer of TV and radio presenters, business executives and schoolchildren.

Heather Ging is a former award-winning head of an ITV television department with the responsibility for major programme output and the training of a large staff.
She is now an independent producer of film and television, the manager of top television writers and performers, and also runs a media training company, where her skills as a nurturer of talent and experience in the media come to the fore.

Heather Ging
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